Euruko 2022 CFP

We’re looking for a wide range of topics related to Ruby, coding, and everything related to that. We’re aiming to have a balance of talks aimed at diverse levels of expertise.

All talks and speakers must adhere to the conference code of conduct. Submissions are evaluated anonymously in the first phase (in other words we don’t don’t see the speaker details) by a small team of volunteers. Talks with the highest ratings move onto a second round of evaluation where the programme committee evaluates them for programme fit, content, relevant experience, etc. We aim to have a well balanced and diverse talk line-up.

Talks are expected to be 30 minutes long, not including a short Q&A section after the talk. The questions in the Q&A section are screened and moderated.

Note: If your talk is selected, you should be prepared to travel to Helsinki in October to give the talk in-person.

All talks will be live-streamed, recorded, and published.

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Speaker Benefits

  • Free entry to Euruko 2022 (or a full refund if you previously purchased a ticket)
  • Travel and accommodation expenses covered up to a maximum of €500 per session. Expenses are primarily reimbursed against receipts after the event, however we can make other arrangements if this is not possible for you.

Note: for sessions with more than one speaker, the travel expenses budget is split among all speakers.

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