Implementing Object Shapes in CRuby

Thursday 13:50

Object Shapes are a technique for representing objects’ properties that can increase cache hits in instance variable lookups, decrease runtime checks, and improve JIT performance. In this talk, we’ll learn how they work, why implement them, and interesting implementation details.

The intended audience is anyone interested in Ruby internals. The intended outcome is for you to learn all about object shapes, and why we implemented them in CRuby.

Talk outline:

  • Intro to Object Shapes
  • Why use object shapes?
  • Interesting implementation details of shapes

Jemma Issroff

Jemma Issroff is currently writing a book about managed garbage collection, with a focus in Ruby. An avid Ruby blogger, she also writes the “Tip of the Week” for Ruby Weekly. Jemma has worked extensively optimizing backend memory usage and performance in Rails apps through which she has learned about the depths of Ruby objects. She is excited to share her passion for Ruby with you!

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