Looking Into Peephole Optimizations

Thursday 15:50

Did you know Ruby optimizes your code before executing it? If so, ever wonder how that works? The Ruby VM performs various optimizations on bytecode before executing them, one of them called peephole optimizations.

Peephole optimizations come in various forms that are simple yet extremely impactful in making bytecode more elegant, concise, and performant! Let’s learn about how some peephole optimizations work and how these small changes impact the execution of Ruby’s bytecode.

Maple Ong

Maple is a Senior Developer at Shopify on the Ruby and Rails Infrastructure team where she works on improving the experience of Ruby developers through tooling. Maple enjoys learning about computer systems and how programming languages are implemented. Outside of work, you’ll likely find her training at the gym or walking with the goal of getting 10,000 daily steps.

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