How music works, using Ruby

Thursday 11:20

That strange phenomenon where air molecules bounce against each other in a way that somehow comforts you, makes you cry, or makes you dance all night: music. Since the advent of recorded audio, a musician doesn’t even need to be present anymore for this to happen (which makes putting “I will always love you” on repeat a little less awkward).

Musicians and sound engineers have found many ways of creating music, and making music sound good when played from a record. Some of their methods have become industry staples used on every recording released today.

Let’s look at what they do and reproduce some of their methods in Ruby!

Thijs Cadier

Co-founder of AppSignal from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Been programming in Ruby since discovering Rails when it was still in beta in 2005. Been producing music as a serious hobby for a couple of years now, and using Ruby as a way of actually learning to understand what I’m doing.

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