Security Doesn’t Have To Be a Nightmare

Thursday 15:00

There are so many myths about security, and how difficult it is. Often devs choose to ignore it because they think that writing more secure code would take them ages. It is not true. Security doesn’t have to be scary. In my talk, I share 5 tips that can almost immediately make a product more secure.

Last year, after 9 years of writing code, I joined the application security team. During the transition process, I discovered that there are a few pieces of security theory that would have made my life as a developer much more painless if I had known them before.

  • Always validate the input
  • Do not commit credentials into your repository
  • Use scanners to find vulnerabilities
  • Learn CIA triad - Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability can be a useful framework to develop a security mindset. This is a simple yet powerful piece of theory. It can be a base of threat modeling of a whole project but can also work on a level of a single user story.
  • When in doubt, ask your security team for help

After my talk, you’ll will be equipped to write more secure code easier.

Wiktoria Dalach

Wiktoria Dalach is a Software/Security Engineer, a writer an a youtuber. She has been building apps for nearly a decade now. She has organized over 30 workshops for Webmuses, a community she co-founded in 2012. She’s a RailsGirls mentor. Her interests focus on creativity, art and cybersecurity.

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