Keynote: The Mrs Triggs Problem

Friday 15:20

Until recently, to my shame, I’d never heard of Dame “Steve” Shirley. She innovated on remote work, part-time work, women in entrepreneurship—going on to become a Dame, and member of one of the highest order of the Commonwealth. So how come, with my traditional CS education, her work was a revelation in my late thirties?

Over the pond in the US, six women worked with the ENIAC in the 50s and their contribution was buried for decades.

I’ve also been aware of the work of Jocelyn Bell on LGM-1, the Cambridge Pulsar. Her findings were ridiculed by her PhD supervisor, but the discovery was finally recognised by the award of the 1974 Nobel Prize in Physics. But not for her, for him.

Rosalind Franklin’s work on the structure of DNA was used (without her knowledge) by Crick and Watson who “discovered” DNA.

Andy Croll

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