Euruko 2022 videos

The videos are also available through the Euruko YouTube channel.

Opening keynote by Matz

How music works, using Ruby by Thijs Cadier

Applying SRE Principles to CI/CD by Mel Kaulfuss

Implementing Object Shapes in CRuby by Jemma Issroff

Security Doesn’t Have To Be a Nightmare by Wiktoria Dalach

Looking Into Peephole Optimizations by Maple Ong

The Technical and Organizational Infrastructure of the Ruby Community by Adarsh Pandit

From massive pull requests to trunk-based development with Ruby by Vesa Vänskä

Lightning talks & city pitches

Ruby & JVM: A (JRuby) Love Story by Yarden Laifenfeld

Closing keynote by Andy Croll

Thursday livestream

Thursday (with captions)

Friday livestream

Friday (with captions)