Doors open, registration & breakfast

The doors at the venue open and we start accepting registrations.

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Opening keynote (remote) by Matz

Keynote details TBA. This talk will be delivered remotely.


How music works, using Ruby by Thijs Cadier

Musicians and sound engineers have found many ways of creating music, and making music sound good when played from a record. Some of their methods have become industry staples used on every recording released today. Let's look at what they do and reproduce some of their methods in Ruby!


Applying SRE Principles to CI/CD by Mel Kaulfuss

Discover how to approach CI/CD with an SRE mindset. Learn what SLOs, SLIs & error budgets are, and how to define them for your own build & deploy processes. Rebuild trust with your system’s stakeholders, and reclaim control over slow & unreliable build and deploy processes.


Implementing Object Shapes in CRuby by Jemma Issroff

Object Shapes are a technique for representing objects' properties that can increase cache hits in instance variable lookups, decrease runtime checks, and improve JIT performance. In this talk, we'll learn how they work, why implement them, and interesting implementation details.

Coffee break

Security Doesn’t Have To Be a Nightmare by Wiktoria Dalach

Security doesn’t have to be scary. From this talk, you will learn 5 tips that can almost immediately make your code base more secure.


Looking Into Peephole Optimizations by Maple Ong

Let's learn about various peephole optimizations used to make bytecode generated by the Ruby compiler more performant. Do these small changes make any impact on the final runtime? Let's find out - experience reading bytecode is not needed!

Day end

Party 🎉

The conference party at Kaivohuone.

Address: Iso Puistotie 1, Helsinki

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Doors open & breakfast


The Technical and Organizational Infrastructure of the Ruby Community by Adarsh Pandit

This is a talk which reviews all of the things which enable Ruby developers to use a secure programming language with easy package management in a supportive community. Specifically we will be tracking money spent and code shipped.


From massive pull requests to trunk-based development with Ruby by Vesa Vänskä

Talk about how to go from massive pull requests to trunk-based development with Ruby. Includes concrete examples of code, architecture, and workflows to implement smooth trunk-based development workflow.


Lightning talks

Details on how to submit lightning talks will announced on Day 1 of the conference

City pitches

Details on how to submit city pitches will announced on Day 1 of the conference. Voting will occur after all the pitches have been heard and the results will be announced at the end of the conference.

Coffee break

Ruby & JVM: A (JRuby) Love Story by Yarden Laifenfeld

In this talk I will dive into why you should - or shouldn’t - use JRuby in your upcoming projects. We’ll compare the language to Ruby and other JVM languages, discuss its limitations and restrictions, and even dive into how such a strange concoction of languages came to be.


Closing keynote by Andy Croll

As a society we have an attribution problem. People who look like me get it easy. Join me to explore how we can push back on the default stories & myths of who is providing value in our community.

Conference closing

Closing words and announcing which city will be hosting Euruko 2023


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